The Semalt Islamabad Expert Describes Top 10 Bots You Should Know About

Botnets and bots are associated with hackers and cybercriminals stealing the data, credit card numbers and identities of the users on the internet. Bots often serve positive purposes too, and separating bad bots from good bots can make a difference in how you will protect your site and ensure that it receives quality traffic from the search engines. Almost all good bots are crawlers sent out by Google, Bing, and Yahoo to index the content for social media platforms and their search results. If you want the good bots to visit your site, you should know everything about them. They will definitely bring you more profit and success, and shutting them down can destroy your site's ranking on the internet. At the same time, you should pay attention to shutting down the bad bots.

Michael Brown, a top specialist from Semalt, discusses here top ten bots you should know about.

1. Googlebot

It is Google's web crawling bot and is often regarded as the spider. Googlebot makes use of algorithmic procedure and determines which websites and blogs are ready to be crawled. It fetches each site separately based on its layout and quality of the text. Googlebot's crawl procedure stars with the list of web page URLs that are generated by other crawl procedures and are augmented with the Sitemap data provided by the webmasters. It cleverly detects links like HREF and SRC on the web pages and adds them to its list of pages to be indexed.

2. Baiduspider

Baiduspider is the robot of a famous Chinese search engine, Baidu Chinese. This is a leading search engine of China for audio files, pictures, and blog posts.

3. MSN Bot/Bingbot

This web crawling robot or bot is deployed by Microsoft and gathers information from the websites to build the searchable index for the Bing search engine.

4. Yandex Bot

The Yandex bot is Yandex's search engine bot or crawler. Yandex is a famous Russian company that operates one of the best and largest search engines in Russia with over sixty percent market shares in this country. Yandex is ranked as the fifth best search engine in the world and has more than 130 million searches every day as of September 2017 and more than 23 million visitors.

5. Soso Spider is another Chinese search engine. It is the property of Tencent Holdings Limited, a company known for the creation of QQ. As of 2015, Soso is ranked as the 35th best, and most visited site in the world and the 12th best website of China, and the ranking has been updated by Alexa. Soso receives more than 21,063,490 page views on a daily basis.

6. Exabot

Exabot is a famous web crawler of France, which was founded in 2000 by Dassault Systèmes. This search engine pioneer is behind various mega-budget technology projects. ExaLead provides us with accurate and useful information from the internet.

7. Sogou Spider is yet another Chinese search engine, which was founded in August 2010. Currently, its rank is 121 in the Alexa's Internet ranking. Sogou provides us with the index of more than ten billion web pages.

8. Google Plus Share

Google Plus lets us share the recommendations with our friends, family members and other people in the world through Google search. Its button helps initialize the Google's share abilities and provides us ways to give our visitors something to get amazed with.

9. Facebook External Hit

Facebook lets the people send links of useful and informative content to their friends on social media. Its system operates through the temporary displays of pictures and details are provided about the web content, such as titles of pages, URLs, videos and images. The Facebook system can easily retrieve the information once the user provides the links.

10. Google Feedfetcher

Google uses it for grabbing the Atom and RSS feeds when the people add them to the Google Reader and Google homepages. Feedfetcher gathers and refreshes the user-initiated feeds and does not crawl them in the Bing searches and other services of Google.

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